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Fiber Arts Classes 2017

January 2017

Traditional Rep Weave

Whether you call it Rep, Rips, Ripsmatta, this colorful weave structure is indicative of traditional Swedish weaves from the mid-1800's

Instructor: Susan Conover Prerequisites: Basic Weaving or equivalent Max Enrollment: 4 Price: $275 (includes all instruction time,handouts & use of equipment) An additional materials fee will be calculated at the end of the class. Date Offered: Offered two different sessions: Tuesday-Thursday from 9am-4:30pm; January 10-12, 2017 or Saturday-Monday; January 14-16, 2017

Ernies Desk RunnerWhat makes traditional rep so different from modern rep? The traditional rep uses 16/2 cotton for warp; the sett is very dense (anywhere from 90-120epi); heddles are threaded with two warp ends; the use of closed-eyed heddles are employed and string yarn is the weft of choice. With modern rep (brought about by Joanne Tallarovic’s book “Rep Weave and Beyond”) the warp may be up to 8/4 cotton rug warp; the sett loose (16-20 epi); and there is usually fabric for weft for color enhancement.

Rep is a weft-faced weave that is generally associated with runners, rugs, placemats, etc. Susan has ramped things up a bit by offering a diverse offering of projects (traditional and modern). A rug is not included for this class because time limitations.

Susan will guide students through a three-day class of design and round-robin weaving of up to five different rep projects. Round –robin but no holdups for there are six looms available for the four students; there are plenty of warps to weave without much pressure.





Projects Include:

Coasters in Orange & Pink or Blue & Grey on a 4-shaft Schacht Pup or Baby Wolf; 5” on the loom; 10/2 mercerized cotton for warp and weft; 60epi. This gem of a project designed by Susan E. Horton, is wonderful for students to “play” with color and understand the basic concept of Rep weaving. You will want make a zillion of these for gifts!

Rep RunnerSparse & Dense Mat w/Six Blocks on a 6-shaft Glimakra countermarch loom; 8” on the loom; 16/2 cotton warp; fabric and 16/2 cotton weft; 50epi. Color, design and block manipulation are just a few of the many things you will learn from this unique project.

Lavender Rep Runner on a 4-shaft Glimakra counterbalance loom; 16” on the loom; 16/2 cotton warp; mini string yarn & 16/2 cotton weft; 90epi. This runner weaves up beautifully to create an elegant runner. Design your own treadling sequence or use one that Susan suggests.

Precious Pink Runner on an 8-shaft Glimakra countermarch loom: 13-3/4” on the loom; 16/2 cotton warp; 4 Tow & 16/2 cotton weft; 90epi. Everyone who walks through our studio just loves this gorgeous runner designed by Becky Ashenden.






Rep Towl by Susan ConoverBrunch Towel on a 6-shaft Glimakra countermarch loom; 17.83” on the loom; 8/2 unmercerized cotton warp; 3/2 mercerized cotton & 20/2 mercerized cotton weft; 24epi. Most weavers don’t think of weaving a towel in Rep but Kelly Marshall of Custom Woven Interiors did. The towel weaves up quickly and gives you a new way of looking at uses for Rep weave

Each student will have an opportunity to weave the projects listed above. Please note that there is a limit of warp available as well as a time slot on the loom for each student. We will calculate your materials fee at the end of the class.

The Tool List for this class

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April 2017

Wonders of the Walking Wheel

Explore the myths, legends and spinning techniques of the Walking Wheel aka Great Wheel

Instructor: Susan Conover Prerequisites: Basic Spinning or equivalent Max Enrollment: 4 Price: $175 (includes all instruction time, materials & use of equipment) Date Offered:Saturday and Sunday from 9am-4:30pm; April 22 & 23, 2017






Great Wheel by Ernie Conover





Susan Conover has spent many years spinning and demonstrating on her Walking Wheels, aka Great Wheels. In this two-day course she will share the myths and legends, which surround these wonderful wheels.

The following will also be covered with plenty of hands-on spinning time:



Four wheels from Susan’s personal collection will be used during the class. Our studio space is limited so please do not bring your own Great Wheel.

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