Conover Workshops: Fiber Arts Classes

Susan would be happy to present to your guild or group!


Contact Susan directly for available dates as well as pricing information. You may email her at or telephone at 440/346-5702 (mobile).

The following programs have been quite sucessful:


Dust Off Your Wheel

That beautiful piece of equipment that has been collecting dust 
doesn’t want to be used as a hall tree!


This workshop is a result of constant requests from past students for a refresher course. The curriculum is based on participants need to refresh their memory not to tune-up or repair their wheels.

We will cover the following information so that you are once again familiar with the craft of spinning:

  • The treadle spinning wheel and its function, including ratios.
  • Specific types of fiber preparation for specific yarn results (i.e., woolen vs. worsted yarns).
  • Techniques to make a "consistent" single yarn.
  • The lazy-kate, niddy-noddy, umbrella swift and ball winder's function.
  • Plying of single yarn to produce a beautiful two-ply yarn.
  • Washing and setting your skeins.

Prerequisites: Basic Spinning or equivalent experience on a treadle spinning wheel

Recommended class time: (1) day, 9am-4pm

Maximum Enrollment: 12


Spinning Flax into Linen Workshop

A wonderful introduction to an ancient fiber!

In this intensive one-day workshop participants will enjoy learning how flax and hemp is grown and processed and made ready for spinning. We will spend the day exploring line stricks, flax sliver and tow.

Participants should be able to spin a continuous fine yarn and feel comfortable spinning on their wheel. Susan will share tricks how to use your existing wheel to spin these lovely cellulous fibers utilizing techniques that are quite different than spinning wool.

Dressing a distaff, plying your singles, scouring yarn are just some of the many techniques you will learn.

Participants need to bring their own wheel in good working order. If you own a Louet bobbin-lead wheel never fear; you can spin fine yarn with a wee bit of tweaking of the wheel. If you have a distaff definitely bring it. A large bath towel would be great to catch the water drips.

All fibers, water pots and distaffs will be provided.

Prerequisites: Basic Spinning or equivalent experience on a treadle spinning wheel

Recommended class time: (1) day, 9am-4pm

Maximum Enrollment: 12

Weaving Linen Workshop

A wonderful introduction to an ancient fiber!

This two-day workshop will provide participants with everything you need to know about winding a warp, beaming, tying on, sleying and of course weaving with linen. Susan will pre-wind the warps prior to the workshop but will provide a video presentation of the winding process.

The end result will be six precious 4-shaft huck lace sachets woven with 20/2 line linen. Participants will be given a step by step handout so that they can finish their sachets at home.

Attendees should bring their own 4-shaft floor or table loom with a minimum weave width of 9”. You should also bring all equipment for beaming and dressing the loom (i.e., sticks or very sturdy paper for the warp beam, lease sticks, enough heddles, heddle hook, sley hook, etc.) A complete list of supplies will be provided upon registration.

While the majority of this workshop’s time will be spent on how to properly handle your warp material prior to weaving, we will still have time on day 2 to discuss proper shuttle choices, winding of pirns or bobbins, use of the temple with linen and hemp weaving, etc.

Prerequisite: Basic Weaving or equivalent experience

Recommended class time (2) days, 9am-4pm

Maximum enrollment: 12

The Origami Top

aka A Blouse on the Bias


The original origami top is constructed of 6 squares of handwoven material sewn on the bias. Yes, one of the most daunting thing that handweavers do is to cut into their own cloth! Never fear, Susan and assistant Nancy Curtiss will guide you through the process effortlessly.

Participants will need to weave ahead of class time (on their own looms at home) a 4-Shaft twill fabric measuring approximately 14" wide by 126" long. Both the warp and weft consist of 10/2 perle cotton. Upon registering for the class we will send the warp and weft material with adequate instructions for weaving.

The only sewing experience required is hand basting and hemming plus familiarity with a sewing machine to do a straight and a zigzag stitch. It is quite simple and lots of fun!Guild

An added bonus are seven different beautifully sewn (by Nancy) muslins ranging in size from 16" up to 22". Participants will actually know what size they need to make for their own full size origami top once completing the course. Neckline templates is yet another added bonus.

Your mini origami top will be a wonderful reference for all the new found skills learned in the class. We will be covering finishing off seams, hemming, neckline applications, measuring twice and cutting once, etc.

Prerequisites: Basic Weaving or equivalent

Recommended class time: (2) days, 9am-4pm

Maximum Enrollment: 12