Conover Workshops: Woodworking Tool Lists

Tool Lists

We firmly believe that it is best to bring your own tools. Part of any course is helping you to sharpen and tune your tools to work to their maximum capability. While we do have a limited number of loaner sets, it is best to bring your own tools if at all possible. In some courses (such as Hand Tool Joinery) specialized tools such as mortise chisels and a shoulder plane are required. For exotic, hard to find and very expensive tools, we have loaners available. At the left you will see the tool lists for each of our courses. Do not be afraid to email or call us for advice and counsel about tools. Suggestions for additions to our tool lists are greatfully received.

Loaner Turning Tool Sets

We have a limited number of loaner sets available. There is a $40 rental charge on these sets and we cannot allow you to grind these tools, they must be sharpened by an instructor. While this removes much of the learning experience from a class, it is a good option for those who are tentative about turning or want to defer the cash outlay necessary for a set of tools. Loaner sets must be reserved and are available on a first come first serve basis.

Tool Lists for All Courses

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