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Ernie and Susan Conover are in their workshop/studio making quarantine therapeutic. Because of the very real need for social distancing, all of our hands-on classes are cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Either Ernie or Susan can of present a program for your club or guild via Zoom. The presentation may be viewed by up to one-hundred members, in their own homes. Email  or call Ernie (440) 346-3347 or Susan (440) 346-5702 to arrange a topic and time.

Need help with a project or have a technical problem? Schedule a 15-minute FaceTime or Zoom chat with Ernie or Susan. Again, email or call to arrange a topic and time.

Ernie's Latest Book

The Lathe Book 3rd Edition $29.95 $21.00

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The Lathe
                  Book by Ernie Conover Completely revised and updated, The Lathe Book, 3rd Edition is the definitive guide to this essential turning machine written by woodturning author, teacher, and lathe designer Ernie Conover. In the 17 years since the 2nd edition came out, there have been tremendous advances in lathes, accessories, and sharpening equipment. Conover brings this classic reference book up-to-date, incorporating the many recent innovations in the lathe and its accessories.

  • Introduces the novice or professional woodturner to the expanded range of lathes now available, including invaluable information on choosing a lathe.
  • Features many new chucks for holding work, as well as ones you can build yourself.
  • Offers comprehensive advice on selecting turning tools, including carbide-insert tools.
  • Outlines the groundbreaking developments in sharpening equipment with jig settings to make your tools preform to the their full potential.
  • Inclusive Safety Chapter with special emphasis on the importance of eye and hearing protection. Also covers equipment and practices that will keep you and all other persons in your shop safe.
  • Completely updated Accessories Chapter which photoessays on Hollow Form apparatus and cone separation equipment (cut multiple bowls from one blank).
  • Entire chapter devoted to lathe maintenance including bearing replacement.

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